future kiddo. heidi braids and floral print dresses for days.
Love this, thank you Mary 😘😘😘
Anonymous: Ahhhhh you are so beautiful. I just can't deal! Can I be you? Hehe. Also I was wondering if you know hannah mckee? Is she still on tumblr? X

You’re mad haha but thank you! I’m not sure if she’s still on tumblr, but I’ve seen her on Instagram!! :) xx

Cheeky crow in the background🌻 #park #nature #summer #girl #whitagram
Anonymous: You are beautiful. You inspire me and I can't express enough how crazy proud of you I am. Sending you love and hugs xx

This means a lot, thank you :-) 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 xxxxx

So pretty 💕🏃 #park #lake #nature #summer #run #panorama #whitagram

Vego bars are sooooo good man, wow

Lovely day 💕 @_anitax @treadl1ghtly @niamuhuh #friends #summer #newcastleveganfestival #whitagram
Vegan festival woo

Why are only my thighs tanning and not my calves, it looks daft

Haven’t uploaded a non-mirror selfie on a while. I have a huge head. But look I have a sort of tan
Free strawbs at tesco, they were so good. Ty tesco