My mam got my three 100g dark chocolate bars for Easter, they’re already gone and it’s only been 4 days since she got them ha

I think I’m going to get my mam to put a password on the internet for my iPhone so I can’t go on, I’m getting distracted so easily!

Get better Mary, lots of antibodies from me and esco 🙏💪💓💕💕
You can see little Charlotte in the background

Very relaxed with my eating lately, perhaps way too relaxed but whatevs

Muahahahaha dark chocolate (which is meant to be for Easter) and bananas at 2am

tomorrow i am going wake up and get my shit together and start revising properly, need to manage my time more efficiently and stop getting distracted by annoying my cat

vegetable crisps and dark chocolate are my new loves, sorry peanut butter :c

Anonymous: It means "Minnie Maud". It's a guide for people recovering from an ED which states to have a min of 3000 a day. I was asking because i see so many people saying is the only number as a min and everything less is a quasi-recovery..

oh, no i didn’t follow anything, i was silly and still ‘restricted’ myself to what i could eat whilst still gaining weight but these past few months i just thought fuck it and i’ve ate whatever i want and gained some more weight but who cares, i’d rather eat whatever i want and not worry about my weight, there’s more to life :)

Anonymous: Did you recover following MM??

What’s mm? :)

43rd try man, today’s not a good face day

It’s been a nice couple of days without peanut butter and sweet potato, never knew I would be able to survive

Vegetable crisps and dark chocolate please help me remember stuff