*thinks about responsibilities* 

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eating a full jar of peanut butter and dark chocolate easter egg today has been fabulous

i also got a 70% lindt egg for easter thinking it wouldn’t have milk in cos the bar doesn’t, but turns out it has milk in so now i can’t eat it and so i’ve resorted to peanut butter (with nasty stuff ew) and ryvitas in hope that it’ll give me some brain cells, my brain won’t soak anything in :”’(

can i just say how much i love my nandad. i’ve been really upset all day, went up to see him in the morning and cried then came back home, later on someone knocked on my door and it was him and he took out his coat pocket a big raw carrot (he knows how much i like them) haha and came and sat with me until my mam came home from work. i want to do well in school for him so bad, gah i love him so much


From now on I live for myself. I have been living for others for many years. I have wasted so much time and gotten nothing in return. I will fade out these activities and start living for myself. I can’t get back all the years but I can get back my life.
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so stressed :””’(

The more you hate your life, the more your life will hate you back.
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Anonymous: You are so beautiful. Thank you for you Char. You're amazing and I do hope you're well :):) p.s come to Australia hehe

THANK YOU! hehe I’ll be in Australia some day <3

justveggiejessica: Hi Charlotte! I just wanted to send you a message that I'm hoping didn't come across as creepy! I just wanted to say how proud I am of you, your so beautiful and seem so much happier, it's so inspiring and reading through your blog recently has made me feel so much more positive about recovery. I remember when I first started following your blog years ago and to see how much happier you are now is just amazing and yeah I don't know really I just wanted to let you know your great!! Xx

aw thank you so much, this means so much <33 xxxxx

this is all too much, i’m going to cry :””””’(

My mam got my three 100g dark chocolate bars for Easter, they’re already gone and it’s only been 4 days since she got them ha

I think I’m going to get my mam to put a password on the internet for my iPhone so I can’t go on, I’m getting distracted so easily!