I need a clean slate clean slate clean slate

Anonymous: Do you like nuts, like brazils, almonds, cashews etc? :)

Yep cashews and pistachios are my favourites although I never really have nuts as they’re so expensive apart from my daily peanut butter ;)

£4 for like 10 wedges is bad Dominos tsk

Anonymous: How did you break out of 'disordered' behaviours?

Compulsive exercising - initially I was ordered to go absolutely cold turkey, I was extremely extremely extremely anxious and started to walk as much as I could, but after actually ‘trying’ it (don’t know how to put it), it became easier just to sit down all day and not have to do workout DVDs all day. Nothing bad has happened, in fact, nothing but good things has came out of it -  i no longer wake up in the middle of the night with extreme cramp and pain down my legs, have a huge dry (and often bloody) skin patch on my back where my skin rubbed against the carpet doing sit-ups or having electrolytes so out of wack that i was almost forced to be put on the drip and hospitalised.  

Calorie counting/restricting - again, after ‘trying’ it, i discovered that i actually wasn’t going to balloon or die or anything like that by not tracking some stupid numbers. i realised that i didn’t want to eat bloody numbers but i actually quite like the thought of eating FOOD. i couldn’t imagine myself having myfitnesspal on my phone forever, calorie counting my bloody wedding cake or meals on dates?? i fell into the trap of using it to make sure i was ‘eating enough’ but ‘not too much’ so i was gaining weight in a ‘controlled’ way, which obviously acted as a hugeee hinderance in mental progress. Numbers still creep into my head today, but honestly they’re almost gone and that’s because of stopping tracking in any sort of way. Living doesn’t involve any tracking of food or exercise man

Never thought it would be this hard to find a plain black dress! And that is cheap




I stood naked over him and took a picture

Why do I love everything about this

this is so cute

can anyone imagine me as a nurse (don’t say i look like a trained killer like my nandad said)

Thank you dear grandfather


Change is very hard… because you thought you were happy, and maybe you were at the time, but change isn’t a bad thing. It’s called learning, and growing as a person. Just because things have changed, does not make it bad. Use this change, embrace it, you will find yourself, and find that you will most likely be a happier person than before the change.


Banana Phone by Laser Bread on Flickr.

eating bread is my favourite pastime

transferring money over to savings account really excites me, i live such a sad life lol